All ages, genders, ethnicities welcome!

A Baptism is a welcoming party into the Spiritual community. 

Work with Sarah to make this a beautiful occasion that honours your Spirituality.

Cost: Donation based, no pressure for any funds if you can't afford it.



Death is a scary event. Don't deal with it alone.

Whether you're struggling with death or supporting someone who is, there is support available. 

I'm here to offer my services during these challenging times. It's a challenging roller coaster of emotions. We'll work together to provide personalized Spiritual support.

Cost: Donation based. I'd prefer to help someone in need and not be paid, rather than that person go on without support.



Let's chat about your big day.


Do you already contribute to the community with a volunteer position?

Are you willing to take some time to help others? 

Let me know and we'll arrange a free rehearsal!



Make this yours.

Your wedding.

Your ceremony.

Your special way of expressing your love and commitment.


Don't know where to start with your ceremony?

Let's work together to ensure that your special day is perfect just for you.


I work with all types of people including members of the LGBTQ+ community and individuals that live with disabilities. 

Everyone deserves to love and has the right to be married.

Let's talk about your situation and make a wedding part of your future!


Meet & Greet

Let's take some time to get to know each other. It's important that you trust your officiant with your wedding day. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you're interested in using my services for your special day.​


Ceremony Package

The main thing you have to do is attain a marriage license and complete the forms I give you upon receipt of your deposit. I take care of the rest.

Utilizing information we share during the Meet & Greet and forms, I make sure your ceremony is to your standards. I will send you a full plan of what your ceremony will be like prior to your rehearsal.​



Extra Services

Private Ceremonies ... $200

Vow Renewals ... $150

Sound System ... $50

Rehearsal … $200

Travel in Calgary ... $0

Travel outside of Calgary ... $0.58/KM

Additional Customization

Your wedding is an emotional and memorable day. If there's anything you want to add that isn't mentioned, let's chat about it during a Meet & Greet.

If there's something that would be an additional cost, we will work together to ensure it matches your vision and budget.

The Wedding Process

1. Selecting an Officiant

This is probably the most challenging part of your plans.

It's important to find someone you trust, that supports your union. Take your time, source your options, and be confident with your decision. 

Ensure you confirm timelines and understand they may book another ceremony if you don't put a deposit down.

2. Contracts & Deposits

Once you have made your choice and confirmed they are available, place a deposit on the day you need. I require a non-refundable $100 deposit which can be paid by credit card, email or text money transfers, and cash. Upon receipt of the deposit, I will send you the contracts, volunteer reference confirmation, invoice reflecting the deposit, and additional paperwork to help with building your ceremony.

3. Follow Up for Support

Marriage is a huge deal, your wedding day is going to be stressful. Tell me how I can best support you.

I offer assistance with public speaking, vow writing, and am here if there is anything that is causing you distress. 


This is your big day, I am here to help you enjoy it.

4. Rehearsals

On the contracts we will pick and confirm a date for your rehearsal.

I highly recommend everyone to hold a rehearsal.

During the rehearsal we will go through the ceremony minimum twice. During this time, we understand our roles and how the ceremony will flow. Inviting close relations that are not in the wedding party is recommended, as they generally give invaluable perspectives. We have great opportunity to talk about timing with your photographer &/or videographer. 


5. Wedding Day

Your choices and preparation will pay off.

Prepare to feel confident and elated on the best day of your life!

6. Post Wedding

Unfortunately this isn't about present opening.

It's paperwork!

During the wedding you, your maid of honour, and best man sign the marriage license with me.

I take that license within 48 hours and express mail it to Vital Statistics.

Using the customized civil marriage statement, you'll be able to order your marriage certificate from an Alberta registry.

Other Information

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, circumstances change, regardless of the reason you will be refunded everything except your deposit. 


No questions asked.


Don't want to lose your deposit? Let's reschedule you instead of cancelling. Don't hesitate to contact me if there's every any concerns with scheduling.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with your wedding, contact me. I will fully reimburse you including your deposit.