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Religion is a tool designed to create a personal relationship with God. 

Spirituality is the personal relationship to God.

Religion is a huge concept, which is explained through studying theologies. Some people devote their life to these non-secular pursuits. 

My degree is in Metaphysical Sciences, not Theology. I don't study one religion, I study all of them and common themes found in most theologies. Pairing my non-secular knowledge with my Psychology studies, my goal is to understand the factual benefits and examine flawed systems within religious institutions from a clinical perspective. 

SarahMonial Metaphysical Ministries was created to understand the implications and consequences of religion and spirituality in current western society.

The first thing we require prior to proceeding is defining our goal, knowing what our variables are, and how we measure them. 

Our goal is to understand how religion and philosophy benefits or detriments a person's quality of life in current society. 

We know there are various religions and countless philosophies, so we'll be focusing on the ones that are pertinent to God*.

There are 3 ways to define God: 

  1. Monotheistic religions include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These believe there is one God. Considering Christianity is the most popular religion in the world, we are most familiar with this definition.

  2. Polytheistic religions believe there are multiple Gods. These generally include Pagan sects such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and countless other religions. The Ancient Egyptian religion is also classified as polytheistic.

  3. Pantheism believes that God is an omnipresent energy and is not anthropomorphic. We find these beliefs in Buddhism (among other religions) and are generally more found in Eastern cultures.

That being said, not every religion is one or the other. We can find polytheistic beliefs that also tie into pantheism. In shamanism, there are deities who represent a facet of God, but do not completely represent God.


Now that we have defined what we believe is the reason for Spirituality, let's chat about what we can observe and measure in a scientific way.


Do you have any guesses?

It's emotions. The answer is those awkward yet satisfying emotions. 


We already observe and treat patients in a medical setting through emotional behaviour and responses. That's what psychology focuses on, and often utilizes different tools to assist people with finding self advocacy and communication skills to better navigate society.


Through out this year (2020) I will be investigating and discussing theology and spirituality with people to better understand how we are impacted. I want to know why some people love a certain religion, but others are cautious or caustic to it. 


If you would like to participate, please contact me. I will be happy to chat about how my work makes you feel.

*All philosophies and personal understandings are beautiful and unique. 



Not even close. 

I work with all kinds of people, achieving all kinds of goals. 

Want to learn about different religions?

Want to volunteer somewhere but don't know where to start?

Want to find some activities that will enhance your relationship with God?

Want to laugh about Futurama?

I would love to help you, please don't hesitate to ask.



Let's be impolite. 

Let's say what's on our minds. 

Let's figure this out together.